COINLAND has been a market leader in providing coins and coin supplies since 1999. We are a family owned and operated business and we believe in delivering quality and service to our customers. We are a life member of the American Numismatic Association and we strictly abide by the ANA Dealer Code of Ethics.

Coins are not created equal. In fact, coins are graded over a broad range of 70 categories and conditions, from Poor to Uncirculated. When you buy coins online you must have full trust in your coin dealer. At COINLAND, giving you the best quality coins is our #1 priority and that's what separates us from the competition. When it comes to buying the best quality coins and supplies, we are your eyes and ears on the Internet. We offer competitive market prices and a web-safe environment where you can browse and shop with confidence.

At our Nevada facility we process and ship most customer orders within 2 business days, and often your order will arrive faster than you expect. On the rare occasion that you would like to return an item, we have a 30-day return policy, no questions asked. And when it comes to customer service, we are second to none. We respond to your email 24/7, 365 days a year, and often within minutes of your inquiry. If you would like to call in your order, we have a toll-free number at 855-940-COIN during weekday business hours and we will gladly help you with your selections. COINLAND is there for you when others are not and we look out for you when you don't have the time to look out for yourself.

When you browse our website you will find a large selection of Uncirculated, Proof and Circulated coins. We offer many popular and historic treasure coins, all the way up to the most recent releases of modern coins. And the overwhelming number of coins we offer are premium quality and the best you will find for the grades. We offer bullion coins, the first Native American coins, a complete selection of US Mint issued State & Territories Quarters, National Park Quarters, Presidential Dollars, a long list of Indian and Lincoln Cents, Liberty and Jefferson Nickels, Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes, Standing Liberty and Washington Quarters, Walking Liberty and Kennedy Half Dollars, Eisenhower, Susan B Anthony and Sacagawea Dollars, and more. We test our coin supplies rigorously and we offer only those products that meet our own high standards. If you’re looking for tubes, holders, folders, albums, wide-view loupes and more, we have the best quality products that money can buy.

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